First attempt

A few weeks ago I got my sewing machine (a birthday present from my partner Richard from a few years ago) out of the cupboard, dusted off the cobwebs and set it all up in preparation for my first project. In all this excitement, I forgot how much preparation is required when creating an item before one can even think about doing any sewing, so it sat on the kitchen table waiting for me for sometime still before I was able to actually use it! My first project I decided to make was a pair of romper trousers for my nine month old daughter Niamh. I bought some red and white polka dot material from the Eagle Centre markets in Derby city centre a while back which I thought would work. I intended to use a basic pattern I found in issue 1 of my SewHip! magazine (which I’ve subscribed to since the beginning but never actually made anything from!), but I then remembered I bought a book when I was pregnant with Niamh called “Making Children’s Clothes” by Emma Hardy:-

It has some really cute patterns in there for babies up to five years. Unfortunately, most things for Niamh are either too small or too big as she is now at that inbetween age where she’s not quite a toddler but too mobile for some of the younger stuff. But there was a cute pattern for a more detailed pair of rompers compared to SewHip!’s version that contained contrast lining and a ric rac trim:-

I ordered the starling red material online from Fabric Rehab to use for the lining and the ric rac I bought from the local Dunelm Mill store in Derby. One thing that does annoy me about Derby is that there aren’t any out of town shops that sell garment material and haberdashery, the very small selection that is on offer is only available in the city centre which is a pain to get to with a pushchair in tow. Dunelm sells homewares and material for curtains and upholstery type stuff but they did have a small selection of trims including some bright red ric rac to go with Niamh’s rompers.

Trying to sew the ric rac was an absolute nigtmare! I think perhaps the ric rac I bought was too narrow as I had to sew it on to the trousers whilst sandwiched between the trouser material and lining so I couldn’t see what I was sewing. After a bit of swearing and three attempts per leg later, I got there in the end and managed to finish the trousers in two weekends (it mainly took longer as I had to wait for my order of lining material to come in the post). I finally finished the trousers at 10:30pm on a Saturday night. I did have to wait until morning to put the elastic in the waistband as I needed to check how much I needed by getting Niamh to try them on, hence the dishevelled look she is sporting in the below pics as she’s only just gotten up and still wearing her pj’s. Not 100% happy with the end result due to the ric rac still not being perfect and due to some inaccuracies in the pattern but I got there in the end and am still happy with the end result. What do you think?

Making Children's Clothes Romper by The Occasional Craft

contrasting material around the legs with ric rac trim (although you can’t make out the bird material very well)

Making Children's Clothes Romper by The Occasional Craft

and contrasting material in the waistband

Making Children's Clothes Romper by The Occasional Craft

a bit baggy but not a bad fit!

Making Children's Clothes Romper by The Occasional CraftNiamh testing how well they cope when crawling which they passed!

Making Children's Clothes Romper by The Occasional Craft

I reckon Niamh was impressed with my efforts, although she doesn’t look too bothered in the photo, I’m sure she was really thinking “can you please put the camera down and just make me some breakfast already!”

My next project is making a coordinated top out of the contrasting  starling red material and using the red polka dots as a contrast feature. Details will be on my next post.

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