Getting ready

Not done any sewing this week. Still need to sew those buttons on to Niamh’s Family Reunion blouse which I hope to get done tomorrow.

I went to Nottingham last Tuesday to get a bit more material to finish off her quilt. I really wanted to go to John Lewis to look around their haberdashery section and I have to say I was very disappointed! I thought sewing and crafts were now fashionable again, however the haberdashery section was about half the size of what I remember it was. I did manage to find some material I liked which would match the material I’ve got already so at least it wasn’t a completely wasted trip. I was also after a rotary knife which I’ve read is very good when it comes to cutting fabric and much easier and neater than scissors, but couldn’t find any anywhere so that will have to be an internet purchase.

The colours I’ve gone for, for Niamh’s quilt:-


The main print in the middle is a Liberty print I bought from ebay which will make up the back of the quilt.

The others will be cut into squares to make the patches for the front of the quilt, the grey print which looks like bamboo sticks with bright pink blossoms will make up the border.

Whilst in Notts I also bought some linen material to make a quilted cover to put over my KitchenAid Artisan mixer. I absolutely love my mixer. For a start it’s stunning to look at (picture below so you can admire it too) and it works brilliantly too. It is kept displayed on the kitchen top and I’m petrified of it getting scratched so I have to somehow measure it to make a cover and then adding some kind of applique to make it pretty.


On top of the millions of jobs I’ve got to do round the house and garden tomorrow I really need to get the buttons on Niamh’s blouse. I bought some very pretty spotted buttons in black, red, yellow and blue so the back of the shirt will be all different colours. I’ve never made button holes before so will need to play around on some scrap material first to try and work out how the button hole attachments work on my sewing machine.

One response to “Getting ready

  1. I love the new layout Rachel. Can’t wait to see photos of N wearing her complete outfit. Mel

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