Well it’s been a fair while since I’ve updated the blog.  A lot has happened but not much creative stuff.  Since the last post, our house suddenly sold so it was mad rush to get the house packed up and get out.  We’ve been staying at our new temporary abode for a few weeks now and I made sure my trusty Singer didn’t go into storage with majority of our belongings so I could get back to making stuff.  I’m still making a cot bed for my 14 month old but I will update you on progress in another post.

The last thing I made was embellishing a toddler’s top for Halloween.  I wasn’t particularly bothered about Halloween this year but we were then invited to a party at a friend’s house, so all of a sudden I had to try and think of an outfit for me and the little one to wear.  I really didn’t want her dressed in anything scary and was adament that she was going to be a bumble bee or ladybird or something like that, but really didn’t want to spend the money on a costume she’s going to wear once because at 14 months old, she’s not all that interested in playing dress-ups just yet!  Looking through her wardrobe, I remembered a cute pair of leopard print tights I bought for her ages ago from Next, so I thought a Leopard she will be!  She’s got some little black cord shorts from Primark which go well with the tights and I then found a little black long sleeved top from there too which I thought I could add some design to to make it more leopard like.  I also went to the fancy dress shop to find a tail and ears, although unfortunately, they didn’t have anything leopard, only tiger.  In the end I thought we could make up our own animal so what do you get when you cross a leopard with a tiger?  A tigard ofcourse!

The day of the party I started to make a design for her top.  I’ve got a collection of felt and thought if I could find a printable leopard mask off the internet, I could use it as a template to make a face out of felt and stitch it to the front of her top.  I found the perfect sized mask here, which I then cut out and pinned it to some yellow felt to cut out.

Tiger top by The Occasional Craft

As you can see, I struggled to find a decent mask for a leopard too, tigers seem to be a lot more popular!

I used black felt to create the eye line, nose and mouth, and brown felt to create the ears and a few spots on his face.  I used 3M craft glue spray to fix the different felt on to the face.  This stayed put for a while but I found that the felt pieces started to come off, so I hand-sewed them on too to make it more secure (plus to avoid little girls trying to pull them off to eat them too!).  I finished off with more yellow felt for the eyes. Finished product below:-

Tiger top by The Occasional Craft

Looks just like the real thing doesn’t it??? OK you caught me out, this is actually a photo of a real tiger (courtesy of here found via Google images).

My real attempt is below…

Tiger top by The Occasional Craft

Finished tiger face

I do have a decent camera, but I end up using my iPhone all the time for photos which never really come out that well so apologies for the slight blur!

Tiger top by The Occasional Craft

The finished outfit complete with tights and (tiger) tail and ears.  Hair doesn’t look the best, was later kept more neat with clips, but was trying to get a picture before she took the headband off!

Tiger top by The Occasional Craft

Side view with a glimpse of the tail.  The tights are obviously not as yellow as the rest of the outfit…

Tiger top by The Occasional Craft

Back view with her cute little tail!

I’ll admit it’s not the best Halloween outfit in the world, but I still think she looks pretty darn cute, and I’m quite proud of my Blue Peter effort :)

Luckily, there were no pictures of me taken as some kind of Victorian librarian vampire thing so you can’t see my attempts at fancy dress!

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