A Patchwork Quilt

A Patchwork Quilt by The Occasional Craft

The front of the quilt


A Patchwork Quilt by The Occasional Craft

The back of the quilt


This quilt really needs one of those tags I’ve seen that you attach to clothes and items you’ve made that say “This took a really long time”. Basically implying “I put a lot of hard work into this so you better like it and be grateful dammit!” I don’t think my daughter has really noticed the amount of effort I put into this bedspread for her. But then she is only 20 months old…

I started this project in about July/August 2011. To be fair, as with the lack of posts since then, I’ve been kinda busy so haven’t had time. But now it is finished I am really pleased with it and so happy I finally got there.

The quilt pattern is just a basic square block measured at 5in squared with a solid back. The whole quilt measures 65x55in which is slightly bigger than her bed.

I decided on the colours of pink, green and blue to make up the quilt. When my daughter was born, I received the most beautiful bunting and bird cushion made by my lovely sister to adorn my daughter’s bedroom. I therefore wanted to choose colours to compliment the fabrics used in these beautiful gifts.

The fabric I used is a mixture of all sorts, including a lot by Moda (which my mother-in-law got for me from a quilting fair she went to with a friend who has a major passion for quilting) along with Liberty, who I have a serious crush on. The whole back of the quilt is Liberty which I bought quite reasonably off eBay. Other pieces I bought from John Lewis in Nottingham (which I have to say I was so disappointed in the size of the haberdashery department which was so much smaller than what I remembered it to be) along with one or two market finds.

I used 100% cotton for the batting. I was looking for bamboo, however I had a lovely conversation with the lady who runs Quiltessential, a fantastic quilting store in Cromford, Derbyshire who told me that bamboo isn’t good for allergies which I hadn’t realised. I really didn’t want to use polyester as I’d heard that the strands can come through the fabric, so decided on 100% cotton which I bought from here along with the lovely plain green binding.

Making up the quilt I just did my own thing, however when it came to knowing how to sandwich the three layers together and also how I would go about binding it all, I didn’t have a clue! I did however find some fantastic tutorials from the blog Diary of a Quilter which were ever so helpful. She did recommend hand sewing part of the binding which I tried for about 10 minutes before giving up because it looked awful and really wasn’t very secure. My hand sewing skills were proven to be non-existent. Plus I am very impatient and machine sewing is so much quicker! You can see the stitching on the binding which I don’t think you’re supposed to, but I’m going to pretend it gives it a more rustic homely look.

I decided to quilt the fabric from corner to corner rather the quilting on the lines to define each square. The main reason for this was in case I went a bit wobbly sewing in a straight line, it wouldn’t be so noticeable if there wasn’t a line to see. I would one day like to do free hand embroidery which I think look fantastic on quilts with their swirly stitched patterns, however this takes a lot of practise and a lot of the ones you do see were probably quilted using special industrial sized machines.

A Patchwork Quilt by The Occasional CraftA Patchwork Quilt by The Occasional CraftA Patchwork Quilt by The Occasional CraftA Patchwork Quilt by The Occasional Craft

A Patchwork Quilt by The Occasional Craft

All in all I’m really pleased with the end result and with it being my first attempt. Given the time I could bore you silly pointing out all the various mistakes I made. I still did my fair share of unstitching but for the mistakes that have been left, we’ll say gives it character.

I won’t be making another quilt anytime soon, but I will definitely be trying again at some point.


8 responses to “A Patchwork Quilt

  1. It’s totally lovely! I am such a fan of liberty and love how you tied all the colors and patterns together! Ps. Where do you get the “this took a really long time” tags? I need them!

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