A couple of cushions

A couple of cushions by The Occasional Craft
I really need a computer (and maybe my own house), as I’m sure I’d update my blog more if I had something decent to write it on, although, I think it is pretty clever how I can do it all via my iPhone… which I guess really means that maybe I’m just good at procrastination instead.

Anyway, some time ago, myself and two of my friends went on a sewing workshop with a voucher obtained through Groupon. After navigating our way through Nottingham, we found ourselves at Rosa Rhodes, a lovely lady who runs an interior design business. For £19, and in four hours, we learnt how to make two zipped cushions, one plain, and one with piping. For those new to sewing and want to start at the basics when it comes to decorating their homes, I’d definitely recommend it.

You can use scrap material she has in store (all of which is designer, such as Harlequin, Sanderson etc, which normally retail at around £60 a metre) or you can bring your own. I ended up bringing my own as I couldn’t be sure if she would have the colours or designs that would suit my decor. I found the patterned material from Ikea and the plain blue from Fabric Design in Matlock Bath.

A couple of cushions by The Occasional Craft

A couple of cushions by The Occasional Craft

I’m must say, I’m pleased with the result (a decent cushion insert which you get as part of the offer, makes a huge difference too!) and looking forward to making more when I have a house to put them in!


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