Bucket Hat

Oliver + S Child's Bucket hat by The Occasional Craft

Another item for my daughter from the Oliver+S range, this time a hat found in their book, Little Things To Sew. Oh there are some beautiful things in here to make. My daughter has been desperate for a hat (as her head grows way too fast) so I thought I’d have a go at the reversible bucket hat. One thing I did want however, is some ties as I knew that as soon as I put it on her head she would just rip it off again, so although I did technically still make it reversible, the ties only work if it is a certain way on.

I used some lovely Liberty Thorpe H Tana Lawn material and plain green fabric that was left over from her quilt.

I measured her head and her measurements fitted the size 2. However, I decided I’d make the size 3-5 as it was going to have ties to help secure it to her head, it should fit for longer than just one summer. I tell you I’m glad I did as I really can’t see her still fitting into it when she’s five years old! It’s still a rather snug fit.

But this hat was easy to make and I’ve already bought some dark blue denim to make another one, possibly with red polka dot to contrast.

There were some definite mutterings under my breath as I struggled to sew 3-dimensionally and I really found it difficult to sew the top of the head to the sides without it bunching up. But as the area is so small that you’re sewing, you soon get over unpicking bits here and there and taking your time as you go over it again.

The hat certainly does its job at staying on her head. She still has tried to take it off on occasion, however she’s soon realised she doesn’t get a choice in the matter if she wants to stay out in the garden to play! And the fact it does have ties means she can’t get it off that easily before I notice it’s missing from her head!

Oliver + S Child's Bucket hat by The Occasional Craft

Oliver + S Child's Bucket hat by The Occasional Craft

Oliver + S Child's Bucket hat by The Occasional Craft

Testing its protection of the sun’s rays down the park


2 responses to “Bucket Hat

  1. Beautiful work Rachel, you are so clever. I remember making similar things about 40 yrs ago or more. Keep it up. Love Mum

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