A little Sorbetto for me

I thought it was about time to try and make something for myself as my daughter has enough clothes at the moment.  My dream is to make myself a closet full of pretty dresses – the kind of 1950’s style which all seems to be in at the moment, the ones with a fitted bodice and flouncy knee-length skirt.  But I thought it best to start on something a little easier and quicker and the lovely Sorbetto top (free pattern download from The Colletterie) came up trumps.

A little Sorbetto for me by The Occasional Craft

I bought the light cotton material from Elegance in Derby which I think was about £7 a metre.  I absolutely love the colours in this fabric.  I forgot to buy matching thread, so used some fuschia pink thread I had left from the bird wings, which I quite like the contrast against the green background.

One thing I did have trouble with which I’m hoping someone in the blogosphere reading this might be able to enlighten me with is the binding.  I made my own bias binding using a fantastic continuous binding tutorial on The Colletterie.  The instructions for the top said I needed one inch wide binding, and the tutorial showed you how to make binding using one inch wide fabric.  They way I read it was that the tutorial was for one inch wide binding which I assumed meant it would work with the one inch wide binding I needed for the top.  However, I think I really needed two inch wide fabric so when folded to make the binding it would then be one inch wide.  One inch of fabric was not enough and I ended up having the raw edge of the material on show on the inside seam as I didn’t have enough to fold it over to hide the edge (which I was really disappointed about as I made the effort to make french seams so all the raw edges would be encased and hidden).

If what I have said makes sense to someone reading this, I would be very grateful if they would clarify for me!  I think when (I say when because I will) I make another one of these, I will cut two inches width so when it is one inch width when folded into the binding.

I love seeing the different variations people have made to the Sorbetto and would love to make something with lace and buttons down the front, a top in a one colour with the binding in contrasting colour, and maybe a simple top with little sleeves.  The options are endless really.  That’s one thing I really love about sewing is the endless possibilities at customising something to suit your style.

A little Sorbetto for me by The Occasional Craft

But alas this will be my last post for a while.  In roughly seven weeks’ time I am leaving the UK where I have lived for the last 12 years and moving back to my home country of Australia with my daughter and English partner.  After waiting over five months for his visa to come through, there has been a mad panic booking flights and shipping containers, finalising finances, closing accounts and everything else that is needed to do before moving out there.  This weekend all our belongings will be packed inside a 20 foot container where it will sail across the ocean for two months until we can be reunited with it on the other side of the world.  Meaning for the next two months, we are literally living out of a suitcase.

So until we get settled again living upside down, sewing or making anything will just be a dream.

See you in a couple of months! xx


17 responses to “A little Sorbetto for me

  1. i had some trouble interpreting the bias instructions, too. i used the continuous bias tutorial and i recall the size turning out ok, though i had to be so careful when pinning and sewing it in place so that it enclosed everything nicely.
    i love the fabric you used! your top looks lovely :)
    good luck with your biiiig move.

    • Thanks very much for the feedback and compliment! I’m thinking that maybe I rushed it a bit too much and given more time, I probably would have unstitched it and started the binding again. I lined the edge of the bias binding to the edge of the top and then sewed along the fold of the binding, which worked out to be around a centimetre from the edge. I found I had to end up carefully trimming part of the top to create less bulk and more room for me to fold the binding on to the inside. Perhaps I had sewed it too far away from the edge and maybe should have had a narrower fold on the binding. Basically I made a bit of a mess of it, but hopefully you can’t tell whilst wearing it! Hopefully next time I make one I won’t have to keep rushing and then stopping to entertain my daughter who kept trying to climb on top of my when I was trying to sew this top too!

      I loved the polka dot Cornetto you made on your blog too! Looks great! I definitely would love another in some gorgeous Liberty tana lawn too!

  2. Great Sorbetto! Looks really cute on you. The colors are perfect.

    Best of luck to you on your move. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures when you get settled in.

    • Oh thank you :) As typical I was just really starting to get into this sewing business and then I have to go and pack it all away again. Hopefully I’ll have a permanent little sewing nook soon enough!

  3. What a gorgeous sorbetto! I think this is the prettiest I’ve seen! I spotted it on Flickr and came running over to see where I can get the fabric from… not from here! Boo! I’m in the process of contructing my second sorbetto, I’m using satin bias which I suspect will prove to be a nightmare!

    • Oh you are too kind, thank you very much! I honestly have no idea where the fabric is from, it may have had it printed down the side but everything is packed away now so I can’t double-check. If I get back to the store I bought it from, I’ll see I’d they’ve still got it and try and establish the brand, you might be able to then find it somewhere on the Internet! Lovely blog you have too!

  4. Hi Rachel. I love your Sorbetto, the fabric is gorgeous! I’ve made a few Sorbetto’s but am still a complete beginner so not sure I can be of much help. A few things that might have caused the bias tape problem (learning from my own mistakes) did you remember and unfold the bias tape before pinning and stitching it? and did you stitch the right side of the bias tape to the wrong side of the fabric then turn it to the outside? it took me a few attempts of pinning to get it right on my first Sorbetto and even after making another 3 there’s still things I know I can improve on!

    • Hi Kathryn, thanks very much for your comment. I did unfold the bias tape first, but pinned the right side of the binding to the right side of the fabric. I don’t think it would have made a difference I’d I pinned it to the outside or the inside of the top first would it? I must admit I’ve worn the top a few times now (as I do absolutely love it) and the binding is starting to get tatty. Whenever I iron it I have to be careful at pressing the arm and neck holes as the stitching is pretty shocking and is coming away from the fabric as I sewed so close to the edge. When I’m reunited with my sewing machine again, I’m going to just unpick the whole lot and start the binding again with hopefully better luck!

    • Thank you! I’ve certainly been getting plenty of wear out of it but am really disappointed with my shoddy attempt at attaching the bias tape. I’m looking forward to being reunited with my sewing machine so I can undo it all and try again!

  5. Such a pretty fabric! I’m not going to be any help on the binding issue as I haven’t made the top, but I guess as a 1 inch strip of binding will have a finished width of only 1/4 inch, then there’s definitely more margin for error with a lightweight fabric if you add a little bit more width – 1 1/4 inches might even do it. It looks neat from the photos though!

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