I still exist and I am creating!

I thought I should really post something on here before people start thinking I’ve abandoned my blog!!  Myself, my partner and our two year old daughter have made it to our new home in Perth, Australia and we are all settling in nicely.  We are currently staying with my parents until we get ourselves sorted with jobs etc.

Whilst living with my lovely parents (who I hadn’t actually seen for 4 years!), I have manage to nab my mum’s fancy LCD electronic sewing/embroidery machine to try and make some more stuff!  My mum also kindly allowed me to root through her fabric collection and use whatever takes my fancy so I have made a simple little top for my daughter out of a small amount of white cotton poplin and using a vintage pattern I found in my mum’s stash.  I’ve yet to post it on here properly as I’ve still got to sew on three little buttons (not a very big job, but for some reason I’ve been putting off sewing them on for about two weeks now!) but will hopefully be posting it on here sometime this week or next!

I’m also trying to make myself another Sorbetto (first attempt here) out of some blue polyester which has a very silky feel to it, this time with a peter pan collar and little sleeves (no binding!).  I’m currently in the process of attaching the collar without much success!  Luckily my mum, an established sewist with numerous decades of experience is on hand to help me!!

All in all, I have two projects on the go which haven’t cost me a penny! (or is that cent – now I’m back to using Australian currency?) Anyway, I’ve scored!

During this major absence of sewing and blogging, I have been keeping myself very occupied reading A LOT of other blogs that are out and about, drooling over the amazing things I have seen others make and wishing I could have a go too.  There are some seriously talented people out there!

I already have my next project planned and will be joining Lladybird’s Sew-a-long making Sewaholic’s Thurlow trousers.  Recently Ms Sewaholic had a 20% off sale to celebrate her moving into larger premises (hooray for small independent designers moving up in the world!).  I took full advantage of this sale (I ordered in the UK and had delivered to Australia ready for when I arrived!) and bought the Thurlow, Minoru and Crescent patterns (yes, I splurged!).  I probably planned to sit on them for a while before I actually tackled them, but Lladybird’s sew-a-long made me decide to attempt the Thurlow now.  My skill level probably isn’t at the level of the “intermediate” recommendation for the Thurlow, but hey, why not just throw myself in the deep end and go for it!?  I figure making it alongside a lot of other people who are on hand to help and give advice whilst being in the same boat will make it a little easier.  I plan to make the shorts version ready for the Aussie summer and am considering making them in some drill cotton with dark blue polka dots (although I’ve still got to measure myself, work out the sizing, re-draw the pieces I need on other paper, cut them out AND start on the muslin, in order make them within the same time frame as Ms Lladybird) but will take a venture out to a Spotlight store this week and see what suitable fabric I can find.

May I just add too how nice it is to shop in a PROPER sewing/fabric store too!  Spotlight is huge!  I’m sure such places do exist in the UK, just not anywhere near where I lived!  Spotlight still don’t stock any of the independent fabric makers I’ve found and loved online, but for general garment making fabrics (plus quilting and home decorating fabrics), I was completely blown away by their selection when I visited with my mum the other week.  I can easily see myself spending a lot of money there!  Spotlight haven’t offered any sponsorship for this promotion, but if anyone from this store just happens to be reading this, I will gladly take sponsorship if it equals free fabric and patterns :)

But tomorrow’s another day and I will be spending it unpicking a collar and trying to pin it back on to make the front collars line up equally!  Oh and looking for more jobs too, and entertaining my daughter.  I really don’t understand how some people have the time to whip up all these clothes and whatnot’s whilst looking after small children.  I generally have to wait until my daughter sleeps before I can quickly get into it (which only gives me about a one to two hour window to get cracking), otherwise she’ll either be taking my hand dragging me off to play somewhere with her or will be trying to climb on top of me so she can play with the very expensive toy too – which results in a lot of stopping and starting!

How do you  ensure you make the time to fit sewing into your busy schedule?  Do you have a dedicated sewing area so you can get straight to it without having to set everything up? Or do you have to spend time like me and set it all up on the dining room table, only to clear it all away again in time for dinner?

I must admit it doesn’t help when I’m a brilliant procrastinator and can be caught browsing the internet on my phone (dreaming of things I could make through Pinterest and Bloglovin, followed by catching up on Facebook and Twitter) in a bit of unhealthy way when I probably could actually be sewing/crafting instead…

P.S. Sorry, lots of writing and no pictures!  Next post will include lots of pics, promise!


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